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research and development

As a company we are committed to building a more robust and inclusive screen industry in Wales. In 2019 we began our R&D journey supported by funding through Clwstwr to explore the possibilities of developing a consultancy arm specialising in back-to-back productions. Since then, we have seen first-hand the benefits of investing in meaningful research and how this can have a positive impact on the quality of content we produce and benefit cast and crew.


With R&D funded by Clwstwr, Tri is an ambitious project that looks at the complexity of back-to-back and bilingual productions. Using the first season of Y Golau / The Light in the Hall as a test ground this project has been working with digital developers to map the production process. This has allowed us to see where improvements are needed in terms of production efficiency, CO2 reduction and more importantly the wellbeing of cast and crew. We’re aiming to finish our prototype in Q3 2022 moving to securing finance in Q3/4 2022


Our aim with TriSSI is to develop a digital tool to support cast and crew working on bilingual productions with a specific focus on back-to-back content. As industry leaders in back-to-back dramas, we understand the linguistic issues associated with such productions. Working with the north-Wales based e-Learning language provider Say Something In (SSI), and with financial support from Creative Wales, we are developing a platform to support actors working bilingually and encourage those lacking the linguistic confidence to work in multiple languages.